Coach hands over an envelope to footballer’s mom—what’s inside makes her cry & scream in joy

Mother’s Day is typically the time when sons and daughters express their appreciation of their mothers with a card, maybe flowers, and a nice thoughtful gift, and maybe even a nice meal. But when the gift comes from someone other than one’s son or daughter, one might guess there must be a good reason for it. One mom admits she received the “best Mother’s Day gift ever” from her son’s football coach—who turned up one day with a humble-looking envelope that made her day.

Tia Chapman works at South Greenville Elementary School, which is near East Carolina University, where her son, Kiante Anderson, has been playing football as a walk-on for the Pirates since 2015. Kiante looks up to his mom a lot and had told his coach, Scottie Montgomery, all about her.

In 2017, coach Montgomery decided that he would give Kiante’s mom a Mother’s Day present to remember.

So, on that special day, Montgomery showed up at the elementary school with cameras fixed on him as he made his way inside and gave a heartfelt speech.

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“He loves her, he speaks so highly of her and talks about her sacrifices,” Montgomery said.

When Montgomery arrived, Mrs. Chapman was confused when she saw him.

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Montgomery started off by telling the surprised mom that she has “such a fantastic son.”

“He does everything he’s supposed to do and I wanted to personally come over here and tell you how great he was. But it’s Mother’s Day and you’re so close, so I just wanted to come over and give you a nice Mother’s Day gift,” Montgomery said.

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Chapman was touched and asked for a hug from Montgomery, without knowing what was actually inside.

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When Chapman finally opened Montgomery’s envelope, she was astonished to realize that Kiante had been awarded a full scholarship!

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“Happy Mother’s Day, sweetie. You deserve it. He deserves it,” Montgomery said.

“I was just talking about this last night,” Chapman said tearfully. “I was just praying about it last night, because he needs it. We need that, this moment. That means a lot. I work hard, I work hard to raise my kids.”

“Thank you so much! It means a lot! And I appreciate everything that you’ve done and every opportunity that y’all have given him to be a part of the team, it means so much.”

As Kiante still had no idea that he was on full scholarship, Montgomery told Chapman to break the news to him.

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“I just got presented with the best Mother’s Day gift ever!” Chapman told Kiante on the phone. “You’re on a full scholarship for ECU, and your name and number is on this letter.”

According to Sports Illustrated, Kiante is the first in his familial generation to go to college.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below:

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