He hand juices 220 pounds of watermelon—but it’s what he does with it that has me surprised

This kind-hearted man in Tamil Nadu, India took it upon himself to go through 100 kilograms (that’s 220 pounds) of watermelon to make juice for the homeless—all by hand.

No doubt it would go more quickly with a blender or juicer, but Arumugam Gopinath pours generosity and love into every cup of juice he makes and hands out. Here’s his process: first, he slices off the top of the watermelon and mashes the sweet flesh into a pulpy juice using a star-shaped tool. He pours the juice out into a large container. He then drills a tiny hole into each watermelon to insert a spout—transforming it into a little cooler, basically. He fills up the watermelon with the juice he just extracted, and now it can fill cup after cup of juice that he distributes to the homeless.

The video was posted by the Village Food Factory YouTube channel, which documents Gopinath’s many acts of kindness in feeding the hungry and homeless.