Man spends 10 yrs in prison & couldn’t get work after—now, he creates gorgeous works of art

The attitude this man demonstrated in the two-and-a-half-minute video clip is moving and inspirational. He’s more grounded than Joe Blow.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This proverb holds true for everyone because no one’s life is perfect; adversity and problems are abound. And for this man, Michael James, in the video, he didn’t give up.

After Michael was released from prison 10 years ago, he had difficulty finding a job due to “competition and judgement.” That didn’t stop him though, and he sought a way to make a living for himself and his children. The answer was in the ocean.

Michael has a table set up by the beach selling painted seashells. He can turn seashells into characters like aliens or ladybugs or paints daytime scenery.

While being interviewed by Jonathan Jacques, Michael had solid advice to share for others who may be having a hard time. He said one needs to have “faith, focus, and goals.” And not to get distracted “by the sunshine and all this other pretty stuff out here.”

But that’s not all. Watch the video to see what Michael also said and to view his seashell artwork.

Video Credit: Facebook | Jonathan Jacques.