Street magician suddenly approaches strangers—but what he does next is completely mind-blowing

Have you heard of David Copperfield or David Blaine? After watching this video, you need to add Paul Vu to your best magician acts list.

Paul performs seven different street magic tricks in this short video. In one, he’s standing next to two young men. Paul holds a water bottle with one hand and a plastic pen in the other.

He tells the two to “watch,” and in a split second he pushes the pen inside the bottle instantly. The two guys can’t believe their eyes. One of them holds the unbroken water bottle with the pen completely inside and stares in disbelief!

There are other tricks involving a Rubik’s cube, goldfishes, rope, a lightbulb, and a dollar bill.

Paul’s tricks are short, fun, and on point. You’ll get a kick watching it all and thinking to yourself, “How did he do that?”

Video Credit: Facebook | Paul Vu.