This might look like a Rubik’s Cube, but it’s far more delicious than that

An apple tart made of thinly sliced apples arranged into beautiful concentric patterns? A Rubik’s Cube cake composed of different stunningly colored bites? These and other creative desserts are possible, thanks to pastry chef Cédric Grolet, based at Le Meurice Restaurant in Paris, France.

Grolet’s apple tart, or “tarte aux pommes” in French, is one of his signature inventions. In the video above, Instagram user and food blogger Paris Chez Sharon has filmed chef Grolet carefully arranging the apple slices into a flower-like pattern. Inside is a bright green cream filling. His Rubik’s Cube cake is equally enticing. The individual cubes are placed on rotating plates, so that you can spin the layers around like a real Rubik’s Cube!