Cockroaches invading your house? Banish them with a natural DIY using 2 ingredients!

Cockroaches might be one of the oldest insects in the world but that doesn’t make them likeable to the human species. Some ancient species of these uninviting pests could grow up to a length of 4 inches. Thank your stars that we don’t have to deal with giant roaches now.  


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These seemingly harmless creatures can spread diseases and bacterias with just a touch. Therefore it becomes important to keep them out of our living spaces. There are a plethora of store-bought bug sprays to choose from. But half of them don’t work or leave a nasty smell behind. It is better to avoid sprays because of the harmful chemicals they are made of.

You can whip up a natural solution to the problem with ingredients you probably have in the kitchen already!

You’ll need only two ingredients.

One teaspoon of baking soda

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One onion

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Chop up the onions and mix it with the baking soda. Now place the mixture near cockroach hideouts. Repeat the process a few times and you’ll find your house roach free!

Agreed, it is not as invisible as a spray but you won’t end up with respiratory problems after this. The best part is that this formula works equally fine and it’s safe for you.

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