Curry leaves can help you lose weight! 5 magical benefits of curry leaves you didn’t know

Curry leaves have been a part of the Indian kitchen since ages now. This fragrant leaf is known by different names across the country. But apart from making the food better, curry leaves have many other uses.  Here are 5 uses of the leaf that’ll put you in the best of health!

A rich source of iron and folic acid, it can keep anaemia at bay!

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It stops the body from absorbing fat, helping in weight loss and curbs diabetes

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Curry leaves are a rich source of antioxidants which help reduce cholesterol

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Boils the leaves and use the water as a tonic to stop hair woes

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Add it to your hair oil to prevent greying of hair

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Make sure you start using these magical leaves in your daily life to get the best and most out of it!

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