These 7 tricks are going to make you look like a pro at photography with just your smartphone!

Numerous tips and trick appear on the net every day and some of them are so simple that we’ll wonder why we didn’t come up with it ourselves. Did you know that your smartphone can be just as good as your camera? Scroll down to find out how you can take some smashing photographs with just your smartphone.

1. Using the Rollworld app you can make a miniature Earth out of any shot

Credit: Facebook | Carolyn Bahm

2. Shooting with a smartphone is much more convenient than with a camera underwater. For deeper underwater shots, you can use a waterproof mobile pouch.

Credit: Facebook | Divisoria Avenue

3. Portraits sometimes require additional lighting for more depth and brightness. Dark areas can be brightened using reflective materials like tin foil or solar reflectors.

Credit: Facebook | Ila Desai

4. You no longer need an expensive drone to take aerial shots. Tie your smartphone to a balloon with a strong thread and take the shot with the help of a timer.

Credit: Pinterest

5. Your sunglasses can get rid of glare and make the sky look more vivid. Make sure the sunglasses are polarized and take a shot through the lens.

Credit: Facebook | Louis VI

6. Pictures can be made more colourful, brighter and beautiful with the HDR function. Use it for special occasions!

Credit: Flickr

7. Macro shots are not the best features of a smartphone. But you can fix it with the help of the right lens.

Credit: Facebook | Dealsmak