A dying elderly cancer patient wanted to meet SRK, he made this heart touching video for her!

You might know him as Baadshah of Bollywood or King Khan, but what do you think earned him these glorious titles? For a fact yes, his movies did play a part but the major reason for people to call him so is the big heart he has. People have fallen in love with him for his random acts of compassion, as he is a selfless man who believes in doing good. 

Credit: Twitter

Surely you can remember many instances where he has shown he is a downright kind person. One moment he is shooting a blockbuster film, next moment he is offering sweets to little children on the streets. So recently Shahrukh is being called out on the internet so that he meets and makes Aruna PK, an elderly woman’s last dying wish come true.

Credit: Twitter

This woman was all over the internet a couple of years back in the viral thread of one-liners for every state. She has been a woman who many people are inspired from but her sole inspiration comes from non-other than the Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan.

Credit: Twitter

She has been battling cancer and her son and daughter wanted to make sure her final wish comes true.

Shahrukh finally heard the call over the internet and thus decided to reply back on a video shared on his social media. This video is so touching and heartwarming that it will show you the other side of the beloved actor. He wished that she gets back to her normal health soon and mentioned he would pray for her every day.

We too at NTD hope she recovers soon, and meets her favourite star!