10 exclusive photos showing mysterious orbs & bright energy fields—but what exactly are they?

Do you have any photos that were somehow spoiled or possibly made extra-captivating due to the appearance of some “crazy light-circles” or orbs? Some people say these mysterious circles are reflections of light and some say they are some supernormal phenomenon. So, what exactly are orbs? Are they something out of this world? 

©NTD | LiYen

There are many people who end up capturing these circular shapes when they take a photo, especially with a digital camera. These light balls that vary in number, size, and color are often seen scattered randomly in many different parts of the pictures mostly taken at night. This phenomenon is not limited to only photos, as even videos might show these orbs moving in different directions and at different speeds.

Orbs are seen in the Regent Theater in Melbourne, Australia, on April 14, 2012, following a performance by Shen Yun Performing Arts. (©Epoch Times)

Some people think they are light reflected off a surface, or light reflected from dust particles, while others say they are spirits, ghosts, or aliens that exist but people haven’t seen them much in the past. Some say they are guardian angels hovering over us for protection.

A mystical energy circle is seen near the left knee of a lady who practices the spiritual meditation of Falun Dafa. (©Minghui)

However, not much research is available on this phenomenon, but two researchers from the University of Arizona, Dr. Gary E. Schwartz from Human Energy Systems Laboratory and Katherine Creath from Optical Sciences Center, published a study on orbs in 2005. In their research paper, they have explained orbs to sometimes be a reflection of light off some object or dust—but they say these conclusions don’t always fit the explanation.

Many people who have observed orbs see different things; some see light or colors, some see faces or even buildings in the orbs, others resemble spiderwebs. Is this a trick of light, or could it be a glimpse into another dimension?

Members of a meetup group in Las Vegas often capture orbs in their photos. (©Spirit St. John)

After a BBC documentary captured a slow-moving orb, the two researchers could not find a scientific explanation for it: “It is not possible to explain orbic objects such as these that move in dynamic and unpredictable paths as being caused by stray reflections. It is also not possible to explain many of them as being caused by dust particles in the air,” wrote Schwartz and Creath.

An orb captured in a BBC documentary that was not caused by reflected light, according to University of Arizona researchers. The researchers could not provide a scientific explanation for the orb. (©Journal of Scientific Exploration/u.arizona.edu)

“It is neither logical nor responsible at this point to conclude that every [orb] … observed worldwide can be explained by a conventional optical science mechanism such as stray reflection,” they wrote in their research paper.

Check out five more selected photos with orbs below:

Orbs are seen in New Zealand near the settlement of the Ngati Mamoe tribe, which no longer exists. (©Wikimedia Commons | Motorau)
Members of a meetup group in Las Vegas often capture orbs in their photos. (©Spirit St. John)
©Facebook | Lakota John
Energy field captured in an undated photo of Falun Dafa practitioners doing the meditation exercise. (©Minghui)
Orbs captured in the photo where people are seen doing Falun Dafa meditation in Houston, in the year 2001. (©Minghui)

There are many natural explanations for orbs, including dust on the lens, but this does not account for all the spheres, especially those seen with the naked eye.

So, do you think these are simply reflected lights or lens flares? Or are these some UFOs and aliens, or could these be fairies or angels? Or some kind of super-energy circles still unknown to modern science? What are these mystical orbs after all?! If you have any such photos, do share with us in the comments section.