Ambulance passes 98-year-old mowing her lawn. Neighbor wonders ‘what’s going on’ when they return

It’s great to be independent, but it’s also great to receive a helping hand in times of need.

It was summertime in 2017 when 98-year-old Margaret Durham was out mowing her lawn in the heat. Durham was busy mowing her lawn and didn’t realize that three people had noticed her mowing a sloped part of her lawn and considered it a little too dangerous for her.

Deannna Covic, Kent Haney, and Matt Linda from the East Texas Medical Center ambulance crew were in between calls as they drove through a neighborhood in Waco when Durham caught their attention.

A spokesman from the medical center told KWTX that the ambulance turned around and headed back to Durham’s house.

“She’s elderly and looked exhausted,” Haney, a paramedic, said. “She was on a dangerous slope of the yard, possibly could fall and lose control of the lawn mower and injure herself.

“Ya know, the need for us to intervene was there so great, we thought ‘hey we need to intervene.’”

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Their “intervention” was to take over Durham’s work and complete the job for her.

EMT Matt Linda, Haney’s ambulance partner of six years, added that they have helped others before, with the latest case being to fix a flat tire for a family the previous month.

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“Our job is here for us to help people and that’s, that’s what we like doin’, that’s why we’re called to do what we do,” Linda said.

After they helped Durham mow her lawn, Linda said the elderly woman thanked them with a hug.

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“She said that we were angels sent from heaven,” Linda said.

Durham’s daughter-in-law, Pam, said that her mother-in-law was surprised that the ambulance crew stopped to help her.

“She told them that ‘they must be from heaven,’” Pam said.

“When my husband related the story to me, I just couldn’t help but tear up,” she added. “We hear lots of sad and bad things on the news, but such a nice, random act of kindness is so awesome to hear.”

The ambulance crew mowing the elderly lady’s lawn happened to be captured on camera by Durham’s neighbor, Dashlin James, who was outside with a friend working on his car. They had seen the ambulance driving around twice that morning.

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“They stopped in front of Ms. Durham’s house and I was kinda worried, I was like ‘well what’s going on here,’ and then they finally jumped out, got the lawn mower from her, was mowing the lawn, and it obviously put a smile on my face,” James recalled.

He said that he had snapped a photo as he “wanted to show that while they do save lives, they also lend a helping hand.”

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“Definitely an act of kindness!” he said of the crew’s actions. “I thought it was a very great gesture of them, I mean, when they’re not saving lives, they’re out helping the community, it’s greatly appreciated and I’m sure she appreciates it as well.”

James added that Durham has always been very independent and cuts her grass herself, to which Kent and Linda agreed. Durham had allowed them to mow her lawn on her behalf but insisted that she put back her mower herself.

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What a group of kindhearted souls!

Watch the video below:

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