Aussie farmer’s largest egg ever makes headlines, hen must’ve had ‘a pain in the bum’

How do you like your eggs—poached, hard-boiled, scrambled? An Aussie farmer of a free-range chicken farm in far north Queensland isn’t cooking this enormous egg, no matter how nice it could cook up. This one is his pride and joy—the biggest egg ever laid on the farm since it was established some 95 years ago.

This super-sized egg weighing 176 grams (approx. 6 ounces) stands out like a sore thumb in an egg carton, as it towers over its more humble-sized egg-folk.

Stockman manages Stockman’s Eggs, a family business producing around 50,000 eggs daily, which are supplied to stores nationwide.

The surprise phenomenon, known as “counter-peristalsis contraction,” occurred early March on Scott Stockman’s farm in the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns. Interestingly, inside the large egg was a smaller egg, which may bring to mind something like a Russian doll, only more egg-like—call it a babushka egg if you will.

“It’s just incredible actually —to have two perfectly formed eggs together,” Stockman told ABC News.

“It was the largest egg that’s ever been produced on this farm since it was started in 1923—three generations ago,” Stockman said.

Stockman’s giant chicken egg is so unusually big that we wonder how the hen is going after laying such a big thing. “She would have had a pain in the bum,” remarked Stockman.

Associate professor Raf Freire from Charles Sturt University’s veterinary sciences school is rightfully astounded by the rare, if not first-ever, phenomenon.

“Biologically I’m struggling to understand why that smaller egg never dropped out, it’s very odd,” said the poultry expert.

“To be honest, I don’t really know how it’s come about.

“It’s not too unusual if a hen is very stressed, you sometimes see it in cages, where they retain that egg.

“They don’t lay it, but behavior just stops and the hen usually goes back to feeding.

“Then the next day, rather than that egg being laid, like it usually is, what’s happened is that there’s been another ovum released.

“That’s come down and then the chicken has somehow decided to make its shell around both the previous day’s egg and the new ovum that’s come down.”

“Normally the double yolks or the triple yolks are perfectly fine, so I don’t see why there would be anything wrong with this one,” he added.

Now that’s an egg and a half! So, the question remains, what came first—the egg, or the EGG?

Watch the video below:

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