Caretaker steals elderly man’s debit card—after struggling 2 days without food, he calls cops

The well-being of the elderly can often be overlooked. Many have no family members to help them out; they just survive on their own from day to day. This might work for some, although it’s not the ideal situation. For one elderly gentleman in Tennessee, things could’ve been very different if it weren’t for four kindhearted police officers, who opened their hearts and wallets for him in his time of need.

Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, is a very quiet town with only around 5,000 residents. Everyone knows everyone, and the police play an active part in their community, getting involved in sporting and other activities, helping out when they can.

So when they received a distressing call from one of the locals, a 79-year-old man, they immediately sprang into action.

The elderly man was ringing to ask if it was possible for someone to bring him something to eat—he hadn’t eaten in two days, he explained to them. His caregiver had stolen his debit card and left him without any money to buy food. It was in the midst of a very harsh winter to make things worse.

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A group of police officers rushed out to the shops, and with their own money bought him enough food for a month.

These four men, officers Odom, Gray, Runion, and Bolton, gave $160 of their own money to go out and buy him the groceries.

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They were just in the nick of time too, as a huge blizzard was about to engulf the town. That would have left the elderly gentleman in a precarious position without food.

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When they arrived on his doorstep laden down with bags of groceries—he was shocked. He never expected such kindness.

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The situation he found himself in got the police thinking; why not set up a food bank of canned goods, so anyone else without food can access it?

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As for the dishonest and heartless caregiver, she was identified and arrested. The elderly gentleman was able to get his debit card back, thankfully.

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It’s heartening to see communities rallying together to help out a fellow citizen. The police in Mount Pleasant are setting a great example for others. It sounds like a very pleasant place to live.

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