‘Figure of Jesus’ appears over Colombian city after landslide—locals claim it’s a divine sign

Survivors of a deadly landslide were in mourning after an act of nature killed many people in the town of Manizales. Residents were left emotionally reeling after mudslides killed at least 17 people in the area, many of them friends, family, and neighbors.

But comfort can come in unexpected ways. The residents were shocked as the skies above the Colombian city revealed what many considered to be a powerful image.

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Days of rain caused the mountain’s sediment to break free and sweep down the lands below. Several homes were destroyed, but after the rain ended, the sun shined brightly through the clouds in Colombia.

A surreal video of the scene, taken by Marya de Jesus, was uploaded to social media. People began sharing it, and it wasn’t long before the video went viral with over 28,000 views.

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So what was it that appeared in the clouds to make these residents gasp and praise God? None other than what appeared to be the figure of Jesus standing with his arms outstretched.

With gasps and lots of talking, residents and locals gathered to take in the incredible sight. The clouds were a mixture of dark and light, but there was certainly a defined beam of light coming down that many were proclaiming to be God coming to give them respite and comfort after so much misery and death.

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The holy sight was captured on the Sancancio mountain. While some were calling the appearance of the apparent figure in the clouds a divine sign, others were skeptical and asserted that it was simply a natural phenomenon that happens sometimes. Others claimed that it was an offshoot of Project Bluebeam, a purported mind control project.

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So, is it the figure of Jesus, or simply a natural event showing a light beam breaking through the clouds?

See this video and decide for yourself!

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