Grandma with lung cancer received blanket—but teared up on seeing a ‘special shirt’ sewn on it

Have you ever received something that touched you so much that you cried? Watching this video, you will see how deeply one gift can touch a person.

In 2014, Francis Jones’s husband passed away. She was diagnosed with lung cancer just a short time after.

To help Jones feel better, her granddaughter, Madeline Smith, came up with a plan. She knew how much her grandma missed her husband. So, she was determined to find a way to bring him home for the holidays and boost grandmother’s morale as she went through chemo.

She came up with the idea to make her grandmother a blanket, but it wasn’t just any blanket. Madeline had a plan that she hoped would help her grandmother feel close to her late husband.

Madeline knew that her grandmother would want him there for Christmas, so she came up with the best way to bring him to her.

Madeline had seen online how one can turn shirts into pillows, and says that she was inspired to do the same thing. But instead, she wanted to get one of grandfather’s shirts and incorporate it into a blanket.

She asked her grandmother for a shirt of his to wear. Then she got to work on the surprise.

Madeline sewed the shirt into a blanket and then wrapped it up. She said it looked good, but she had to wrap it in another blanket because it was too large.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Maddie Smith

Her grandmother laughed upon receiving her gift. She had already received blankets as gifts before, but little did she know that there was something special about this one.

Francis opened up the gift, and the 79-year-old grandmother’s reaction was priceless. She laughed then teared up, immediately grasping the sentiment behind the gift from her thoughtful granddaughter.

Madeline says that they loved each other so much. With this one gift, now her grandma can have her husband by her side in spirit all the time.

©Facebook | Maddie Smith

Watch it and see Madeline’s grandma receive this precious gift for yourself:

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