Hotel cleaner in disbelief when she removes bedsheet & finds pile of cash with a note

Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson started the YouTube channel Give Back Films in the hopes of inspiring people to carry out random acts of kindness. In a bid to spread happiness by giving back, they have handed out cash to homeless people, tipped wait staff, and paid for people’s gas. This time round, they gave back to a hardworking cleaner of a small hotel in Park City, Utah.

The woman on the front desk of the hotel had nothing but praise for the new cleaner whom they had just hired.

“We thought we’d try her out. She didn’t have any money, she only had limited cash. So it kind of worked out for everybody. She’s done a great job—an excellent job,” she said.

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Even though the cleaner shouldered a great deal of laundry, she still took the initiative to keep all the sheets and towels neat and organized.

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To reward this hardworking cleaner who’s in need of money, Oreffice and Gibson slipped her a $500 tip, accompanied by a note under the bedsheets. “This is a tip! Enjoy.”

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Soon afterward, the cleaner entered the room to perform her routine housekeeping duties.

When she pulled back the bed cover, she was dumbfounded at the sight of a stack of bills, alongside a note, hidden underneath. She fell into silence and covered her mouth in disbelief.

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She had no idea hidden cameras were placed all around the hotel room to capture her priceless reaction!

©YouTube Screenshot | GiveBackFilms

Moments later, Oreffice and Gibson showed up. Initially, the stunned cleaner refused to accept the tip, but her co-worker chimed in: “You deserve it. You do a great job.”

Certainly, housekeeping is no easy job, and she deserved the pat on the back in recognition of her hard work.

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“Through watching the video, you can vicariously feel what it’s like to give to other people, and you experience a little bit of that happiness when watching the video—or hopefully, at least,” Gibson told the Deseret News.

Watch the cleaner’s reaction to the incredible surprise in the video, which has garnered more than 6.7 million views.

Watch the video:

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