Kids can’t wait to hold baby lamb after family digs it out from farm’s dam pipes

The saying “curiosity killed the cat” wouldn’t go astray here. An animal on an Aussie farm was reported to have gotten itself in a pickle for being a little too curious. Fortunately, it was saved by two girls.

In September 2017, the daughter of Nick and Marnie Zielinski, owners of Zed & Co farms in Victoria, Australia, was taking a walk on the farm with her best friend when they heard an animal crying.

The cries seemed to be from a baby animal that was stuck in one of the farm’s dam pipes. The daughter got her parents to help, and the group quickly got to work to fetch the animal—a baby lamb—out of the pipe.

Calling it “Operation Save Lamb,” the group first dug away some of the soil to reveal the pipe. Then they used crowbars to try and pry open the pipe.

“I can see it … It’s still alive … It’s black,” the children said.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | KSBW TV Action News 8

Unable to open up the pipe, someone grabbed an angle grinder to cut open a hole big enough to retrieve the lamb.

One of them carefully lifted the lamb out of the pipe headfirst, and the baby animal gave a relieved bleat!

©Facebook Video Screenshot | KSBW TV Action News 8   

Once the lamb was safe, the children couldn’t wait to hold the adorable thing. Everyone said, “I want to hold it!”

The whole rescue process was recorded on camera and uploaded to the farm’s Facebook page, Zed & Co Freerange Farms.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | KSBW TV Action News 8

Facebook users who had seen the video were praising the children for rescuing the lamb.

One wrote: “Oh my goodness! Such a lucky little lamby! You guys are a great team I love all the volunteering for first cuddles. So sweet. Hope he survivors [sic] with some TLC. Good work!”

“They are superstars good job love you all,” another added.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | KSBW TV Action News 8
©Facebook Video Screenshot | KSBW TV Action News 8

As for the lamb’s name, the farmers named it “Pipe-o” after where it was found.

Hopefully, the baby lamb will avoid getting into trouble next time!

How it found itself stuck inside the pipe in the first place is anyone’s guess.

Watch the rescue process below:

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