Lady sees starving dog on highway—but what’s inside pooch’s ‘hiding place’ makes her worried

When a woman was driving home one day, she spotted a dog by the highway. Wondering why the dog would be out there in the freezing weather, she drove back around to see if she could help with anything, and good thing she did.

Lacey Wheeler spotted something like a baby deer wandering on the side of the highway when she was driving home to Ohio after visiting family in Indiana. However, after driving close enough to see what it was, she realized it was not a baby deer but a dog.

Illustration – Pixabay | pasja1000

It was strange that a dog would be wondering about by the highway, and it looked to be starving too. She thought the dog might need some help, so she decided to return after driving past.

Lacey took the next exit and returned to where she last saw the dog. However, upon her return, the dog was nowhere to be seen. Lacey did, however, hear the dog’s barks nearby.

She followed the dog’s barking to a ditch by a creek. Upon closer inspection, she was surprised to find three little puppies. Lacey was amazed but also worried about the mother and her little ones. The pups seemed to be freezing, and their paws were wet after walking through the creek.

Seeing the freezing puppies, Lacey believes that they were abandoned in the wild by their previous owner. She didn’t think the puppies could possibly survive so long being born in such conditions, so they must’ve been discarded there with her mother not too long ago.

Moreover, she was concerned the three pups wouldn’t survive much longer in the cold, so she decided to bring them all back to her car. She picked them up and let their mother tag along back to the car.

After the dogs were able to warm up in the car, Lacey couldn’t bear to drop them off by that freezing creek. The only option was to bring them back home, and help them find new forever homes.

Lacey named the puppies Louie, Cinci, and Indy, and the mom Red. The canine family of four are doing well now. Although Lacey would like to foster the whole family, her own dog doesn’t get along with other dogs well. She’s now working with Columbus Dog Connection to find loving homes for the family.

Thanks to Lacey’s willingness to act when seeing the dog, the adorable puppies are now able to enjoy their lives, stay warm, and receive lots of attention, and so too can their mom.

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