Lady warns others about human trafficker strategy involving a ‘silver’ ring tucked under wiper

Fortunately, a mother from Appleton, Wisconsin, didn’t let curiosity get the better of her. If she had gotten out of her car to investigate the strange object tucked under her car’s windshield wipers, she most likely would’ve fallen prey to a ruthless crime syndicate.

On July 20, 2016, Savannah Nguyen shared a chilling story that happened to her mother to warn others about the possible dangers lurking around.

The day before, Nguyen’s mother was shopping at the Fox River Mall in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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When her mother left the mall hours later, she noticed a large SUV with dark, tinted windows in the parking lot.

As she neared her car, the SUV started approaching her, then pulled up alongside.

With the entire parking lot empty, why did the vehicle pull up next to her car?

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The mother of four immediately sensed something strange. She felt uneasy and hurried into her car.

She locked her doors and quickly sped off. On her way home, she could hear something tapping against the windshield.

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Once home, she and Nguyen checked to see what had been making that odd sound.

It turned out that someone had placed a plastic bag with a ring inside under the windshield wiper. The note scribbled on the bag read, “Free gift: Sterling silver ring from Kay Jewlers.”

©Facebook | Savannah Nguyen

Nguyen guessed this was likely a kidnapping trap used by human traffickers, and her mother had just escaped becoming a victim.

“This is exactly how human trafficking and abductions take place,” Nguyen wrote. “They probably watched her get out of her car and placed it on her window, and waited for her to come back.”

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It’d be horrendous if her mother had gotten out of her car to retrieve the “gift” from under her windshield wiper.

“Bad things can happen in the blink of an eye,” Nguyen added.

Nguyen is urging everyone to stay alert at all times and avoid looking at their phone while walking to their car. People should be aware of their surroundings.

“This happened in broad daylight to my own mom (a forty something year old mother of four) in Appleton, WI, and could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time,” Nguyen wrote. “So be smart, stay alert and make it a priority to learn to defend yourself physically.”

Though there is no evidence suggesting the incident is related to human trafficking, Grand Chute Police Department said it’s possible the person who planted the ring harbored an ulterior motive.

“While we do not know the motive for placing the item on the windshield, it is possible the person responsible had ill intents such as stealing a wallet or purse, stealing recently purchased items, stealing the vehicle itself, or other crimes,” Grand Chute Police Department wrote on Facebook.

©Facebook Screenshot | Grand Chute Police Department

Hence, it’s still wise to heed Nguyen’s warning … as who knows, it could save someone from danger.

“Pay attention to your surroundings and remember … if you see something say something!! Stay safe,” the Police Department cautioned.

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