Mom dines with black child—when woman starts hurling offensive remarks, others step in

What would you do if you saw someone hurling offensive words at another person due to their race? Would you stand up for them or remain silent and not get involved?

Justine and her adopted daughter, Morgan, were having lunch at The Old School Mills Fresh House in Locust North Carolina when a female customer interrupted their happy time.

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The customer, Rachel, asked Justine if she had adopted her black child.

Two customers nearby overheard their conversation.

“You have the option to choose a black baby or white baby?” Rachel asked.

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When Justine said yes, Rachel asked why Justine chose a black child.

The two customers nearby looked at Rachel, and one of them said, “Why do you think it’s appropriate to speak to her in that manner?”

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The other customer added: “The world is changing. Don’t you feel like the world is changing that we need to open ourselves up a little bit better than our little square box?”

The first customer then said that there should be no barriers to love a child.

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After the second customer continued to point out Rachel’s unacceptable behavior, a man walked in to interrupt them.

That man was none other than John Quinones, the host of TV show “What Would You Do?” The earlier exchange was actually a social experiment to see how others would react to such situations.

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When the second customer realized it was a social experiment and that both Rachel, Justine, as well as the child were actors, she broke down and started recalling the horrible experience she saw in the 1960s, and how her family were the only ones that welcomed the first black family that moved into the neighborhood.

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In another scene, where a man was sitting at the next table, Rachel unleashed a series of offensive remarks at Justine again.

When the man overheard Rachel asking Justine if she was trying to rescue black babies, he interrupted their conversation and shared his own story.

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The man told Rachel that he too had an adopted black daughter and that her words were offensive. He was so angry that he told her to be quiet.

He then went over to Justine and said to her: “I’m sorry I just had to butt in because it seemed very offensive. I have a black daughter and she’s married to a black guy and I’ve got three black grandchildren and they’re just a wonderful family.”

After he walked away, Quinones walked up to greet him.

The man told Quinones that there was too much “racial prejudice in this world and if someone is offensive, they need to be informed that they are offensive.”

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How would you react if you happened to find yourself within earshot of such a scenario?

Watch the video below:

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