Woman sees elderly man in peril. Just before she can get out of her car—a truck blocks road

A woman was driving when she saw an elderly man trying to cross the road. Before she could react, a truck pulled over, and she knew she had to record this hard-to-come-by moment.

In March, E’Ondria Weems was driving in Griffin, Spalding County, when she noticed an elderly man facing a perilous situation. The elderly man, who was using a walker, was trying to cross a busy road in the rain.

At that moment, a white ram truck pulled over.

Weems saw what was unfolding and decided this was a scene she had to record.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | E’Ondria Weems

She told 11Alive that she saw the trucker “got out of his car and stopped traffic for the elderly man and helped him across the street.”

Weems later uploaded the video to her Facebook page, where it soon garnered millions of views and tons of praises.

“It was so nice of him to do that. Makes you think there are still nice people in this world,” Weems said.

The trucker was identified as Justin Jackson.

“The old man was walking across the streets and people were flying by,” he explained, adding that he knew he had to stop and help.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | E’Ondria Weems

“He was coming from that side and he was already halfway in that side of the lanes,” Jackson later added. “I was coming at him and he was in my lane and that’s … he said he was just trying to go to the gas station.”

©Facebook Video Screenshot | E’Ondria Weems

Jackson, a father of five, had two of his children with him at the time. He said that he learned to help through watching others do similar things, and hopes his actions that day will inspire others.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | E’Ondria Weems

“It makes me feel good because it’s obviously making other people want to do good, too,” Jackson said. “And that’s the ultimate goal—make everyone do good.”

“I just did what I would want someone else to do,” he added.

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