As Trump’s convoy passed by Vietnamese streets, this one ‘signboard’ left everyone speechless

During Trump’s 12-day Asia tour, he visited five countries—Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Upon his arrival in Vietnam, many locals eagerly waited by the roadside to welcome the U.S. president. From this emerged a photo taken of a man holding his handmade sign, which took the limelight as it was shared on social media.

It’s known that Trump has been held in high esteem by the Vietnamese people, many of whom greatly support him. Van Nguyen Hai, who works in Domino’s Pizza in Hanoi, said to Politico: “It’s my honor for him to come to Vietnam. Trump can change America, and if America changes, the world will have change, and Vietnam will have change.”

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According to Mad World News, when Trump arrived in the country, spectators were seen lined up on Nguyen Van Line Road in Da Nang, Vietnam, waving to Trump as his motorcade passed by.

©Getty Images | Linh Pham

There was one man in the crowds who stuck out more obviously than the others. He’s seen holding a sign that reads, “Welcome the President (angel) of America Donald Trump to Da Nang Vietnam.”

Many netizens who saw the Trump fan and his handwritten sign on the Mad World News Facebook page applauded him, and his sign inspired a great deal of comments.

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One user wrote: “This makes my heart swell with pride! I am from Vietnam and to see the country where I was born, honor our President makes my eyes well with tears. Here, in the U.S. disrespectful cyclist flips him off, but in foreign lands, they stand when hearing our anthem and in Vietnam, one man even calls him the Angel of America.”

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“This is so awesome! I am so proud of President Trump and First Lady Melania! It makes my heart so blessed that I wish God to bring the United States people together for the good of our Nation instead of so much [dissension]! I pray all the hatred in the United States will stop and everyone works together to restore our Nation instead of trying to cause World War III,” another commented.

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In response to the post’s speculation that the mainstream news wouldn’t pick up on the positive response the president received in Vietnam, one user wrote: “Of course the media won’t report on this….they report NOTHING positive our President does.”

Another added, “The left tries to make Trump look like a fool, but the people in these countries have better insight…”

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“It’s So AWESOME to see the respect that these other countries ate showing The President and First Lady!!! So proud to be an American again! I pray that someday soon they will be treated with the same respect here in Our Nation!!!!” wrote another.

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During Trump’s Vietnam visit, he gave a powerful speech at the APEC CEO Summit, which he started off by offering his condolences to the victims of Typhoon Damrey.

A clear message rang through in Trump’s speech, which was delivered to much applause.

“The current trade imbalance is not acceptable,” Trump stated.

“From this day forward, we will compete on a fair and equal basis. We are not going to let the United States be taken advantage of anymore. I am always going to put America first the same way that I expect all of you in this room to put your countries first.

“The United States is prepared to work with each of the leaders in this room today to achieve mutually beneficial commerce that is in the interest of both your countries and mine. That is the message I am here to deliver.”

Watch Trump’s speech at the APEC Summit in Vietnam below: