Newlywed couple was dancing at their reception—when suddenly Katy Perry and group crashed in!

While this St. Louis couple were having their big day—just getting married no less—their reception was interrupted by an unexpected wedding crasher. It sure added a dose of excitement when none other than Katy Perry lit up the dance floor alongside the bride for an epic video dance moment.

The newlyweds, Hayley Rosenblum and Blonie Dudney, were having a lovely time dancing away at their reception when a dozen or so strangers decided to get in on some of the fun—even if it meant crashing the wedding party at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The couple and some 300 guests all stopped to watch when “all of a sudden a huge group of people came rushing in and they were wearing shorts and T-shirts and jeans and hoodies. They were not dressed in wedding attire,” Amy Prada, one of the guests, told the Kansas Star.

Soon, Katy Perry turned up among the plain-clothes wedding crashers. It turned out she was in town for a concert that night.

At one point, Prada grabbed the bride and “kind of threw her into the middle of the circle. She was like: ‘What’s going on? This is crazy!’” Then, Perry decided to have an amazing dance with Hayley!

It was a moment of surprise and excitement that made an ordinary wedding even more memorable. The wedding photographer managed to capture some great photos with Perry, the bride, and the groom altogether. Meanwhile, Prada captured footage of the dance floor excitement with Perry and the beautiful bride getting right down!

The celebrity and her team didn’t want to outstay their welcome, however, and only hung around for about 10 minutes all told.

“It made the night,” said Prada. “The wedding itself was just absolutely stunning, and the bride was beautiful. But that was the icing on the cake.”

Check out this most memorable dance moment of Perry and the bride captured on video!