American couple adopts Chinese girl—then, they meet another child & notice something strange

Do you believe in fate? You may after this story!

Some parents go through the adoption process not knowing anything about the child they are going to adopt. In the United States, many potential parents apply to go through the adoption process and take children from countries like China, where there are plenty of children who need forever families.

Adopting children can be a blessing, but parents might not be able to know everything about their child or their family history. They might not know about family health issues or patterns simply because they are not provided that information through the process.

However, DNA tests have become readily more accessible and affordable with the passage of time. Just one swab of the cheek could potentially tell you a lot, as one family from Missouri found out.

Staci and James Maneage knew they wanted to adopt after giving birth to three biological sons. The Weldon Spring couple eventually learned about an orphaned girl in China named Elliana, who needed a new home.

At the tender age of 10, Elliana also had a brain disorder. While this made many other potential couples back off from the idea of adopting her, it made Staci and James want to adopt Elliana and help her even more.

So Elliana was adopted, and she came to the United States to live with the Maneages in Weldon Spring, Missouri. They had no idea that another couple in their town had also adopted a child from China, a girl named Kinley, who was 7 years old—and also had a brain disorder.

The two families lived close by and went to the same church, so the two girls quickly became friends. They had come from different cities in China but had a lot in common, and even looked alike.

More than that, the two appeared to get along just like sisters. So much so that the two families wondered if that could be the case.

It seemed unlikely that the two would be genetically related. They did come from a very populated country, and even if they were related, what would be the odds that two families in the same American town would adopt girls that were biological sisters?

With this question on their minds, the families decided to have the girls’ DNA tested. The result blew everyone away.

The two adopted girls were sisters. Their DNA results confirmed a near-perfect match—Elliana and Kinley were 99.9 percent likely to be biological sisters who shared the same mother and father.

Now they had ended up within minutes of each other with families that belonged to the same community and church. How’s that for an example of fate? It’s interesting how some things work out so well.

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