Cashier grabs baby from mom, whose face had gone ‘blank.’ She sensed ‘something was very wrong’

A cashier in Colorado was chatting with a young mom and her baby when all of a sudden, the mother’s face took on a “glazed look.” Without knowing what was going to happen next, she quickly grabbed the baby from the mother, which earned her praise from the police who arrived shortly afterward.

In 2016, Rebecca Montano was working as a cashier at a Farm Crest Milk Store in Arvada when a young mom, who was carrying a baby girl in her arms, approached the counter to pay for a soft drink. What happened as a brief exchange of words came as a shock for Montano.

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“She came up to pay for an item and I was talking to her and trying to make the baby smile,” Montano told Denver Channel. “All of the sudden she had a blank look on her face and I sensed something was very wrong.”

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Montano told that the young mom had a “glazed look on her face,” which made Montano feel “uneasy.”

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“I was asking her ‘is everything ok,’ I grabbed the baby’s arm and she started to sway, she wouldn’t answer me,” Montano recalled. “She was just lost in space, so I thought I better take the baby, something doesn’t feel right. And then right there she started to fall and I wasn’t sure still exactly what was going on, so I yelled at [a nearby] customer that was in the store [for help]. She fell, I came back, grabbed the phone called 911.”

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The woman, Jessica Heinonen, was having a seizure.

“I think being a mother, being a grandmother, my first instinct was the baby,” Montano explained of her actions. “I just wanted to save the baby from getting hurt, if she would’ve fallen with the baby in her arms, who knows where that baby would’ve landed?”

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The police later praised Montano for her actions.

“The police said I did the right thing by taking the baby because if she had fallen with the baby it could have been really bad,” Montano said.

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Heinonen told Denver Channel in an update that she was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 9, but this was the first time that she didn’t get any warning before going into a seizure.

“I usually have warnings before; [I feel] lightheaded, dizzy,” she explained.

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Though Montano felt bad that she did not manage to catch Heinonen from falling to the ground, Heinonen was thankful to Montano for saving her daughter, Anabelle.

“I was really glad she grabbed Anabelle,” Heinonen told “It was really hard not to be able to say anything. I was freaking out having her in my arms.”

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“I very much appreciate it. You can tell she’s a very caring, sweet person,” she added.

The Epilepsy Foundation in Colorado said that there’s an estimated 65 million people worldwide who suffer from epilepsy, and Heinonen is one of the 500,000 people in the state with the condition.

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