In 1979, this girl was separated from her father—then one day, she types her name into Google

After a woman’s parents got into a fight when she was a few months old and her mom took her away, she never saw her dad again. When she learned that her stepfather was not her biological father, she went in search for her father. More than two decades later, she was shocked to find a website created in her name.

It was in 1979 when April Becker Antoniou was a few months old and a fight between her parents prompted her mom to take her away and leave their Southern California home. Antoniou’s mom married again afterward; thus, she didn’t know anything about the breakup until she was 5.

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“I know that they had a disagreement, and my mom thought it was best to leave,” she told The Wichita Eagle. “I blame them both equally for making a poor decision. After 15 or 20 years, I decided I wasn’t going to be angry about it.”

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However, their breakup had an impact on her. “For a girl not knowing her dad, not having a father figure. . . . Growing up not knowing half the person you are is very hard,” she said.

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Antoniou started searching for her biological dad, named Scott Robert Becker, but the common last name made it difficult for her to find him.

“I knew a little bit about him from what my mom told me, but I had never seen him,” she said. “I had two pictures and a wedding announcement in my photo album, and then his name on my birth certificate. I knew how old he was, but I didn’t even know his birthday.”

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On the other end, her dad was also searching for her and even spent $40,000 hiring private detectives.

“I spent thousands of dollars looking for her, but I just could never find her,” Becker said. “I had a first, middle and last name, and her birthday. But I didn’t have a social security number. The private investigators couldn’t find her.”

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Later, Becker decided to buy a domain name on the internet to continue his search. Over the course of 10 years, he had no luck.


When Antoniou was going to turn 30 years old in 2009, she was about to give up, until one day she typed the words “Scott Robert Becker looking for April,” and Google displayed the website link that Becker had set up in the first page of search results.

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“I knew right away that that was him,” she said.

Both father and daughter met two days later, where Becker got to meet Antoniou’s two children.

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Antoniou and Becker were fortunate to finally be reunited 30 years later.

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