Mom thinks her bump’s getting big as she’s carrying twins—but then, she goes for an ultrasound

After spending five years trying to have a third child, a Utah couple was overjoyed to discover they were expecting quintuplets.

After five years of trying for a third baby, Jamie Scott, 33, finally fell pregnant. Jamie took fertility medication and had high hormone levels, so she and her husband, Skyler Scott, expected to have twins—but were stunned to learn that they were in for quintuplets instead.

“When we had the ultrasound I was expecting to see one or two little sacs and there were four in the first 20 minutes. Then we found the fifth,” Jamie told MailOnline. “I asked, ‘Are they all alive?’ and so they went through each one hearing their heartbeats and taking their measurements and I breathed a sigh of relief.”

“I just cried. I was in awe. We had tried for quite some time so it was amazing that I even was pregnant.”

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Skyler, a commercial appraiser of St George, Utah, also felt blessed. “When we found out Jamie had conceived it was a miracle. Hearing that there were five babies was a huge surprise.”

“It’s so amazing that I get to reset my brain and go through every stage of being a child again with them, their first Christmas, their first trip to Disneyland,” Skyler added. “I know we are going to lose a lot of sleep but being a dad is the most rewarding adventure of my life.”

It’s rare to conceive quintuplets, which are estimated to occur in one out of 55 million pregnancies.

The babies are expected to join their parents, and two big brothers, Shayden, 12, and Landon, 7, in spring.

At just 19 weeks, Jamie already looks like she’s nine months pregnant. Her bump is so big that she has difficulty sleeping and walking.

“It’s very difficult to walk so I’m kind of wheelchair-bound because I’m so exhausted,” she said. “It’s also difficult to sleep because my stomach is growing so fast and it’s pretty painful. When one of the babies moves, they all move. It’s like a party in there.”

Doctors told her to gain 100 pounds (approx. 45 kg) so as to have enough nutrition for her five babies over the following months.

“My doctor recommended eating 4,000 calories a day and I’ve gained 20 pounds so far but it’s not enough so I’ve got to eat a lot, fast.”

The couple is now living near a hospital in Arizona. Jamie will give birth to her babies through a cesarean section in late April.

Skyler was quite excited. “The thought of having five babies is totally overwhelming. I’m just really looking forward to bringing home five healthy, chubby babies,” Skyler said. “We moved past the shock phase pretty fast and now it is just gratitude and excitement that we get to be on this journey.”

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