Parents look at their newborn & get real worried, but nurse says—‘Quick take a picture’

It’s totally understandable for parents to feel confused and scared when they see something strange during the birth of their child. One dad from New York panicked when he saw something covering his newborn’s head at birth, but lo and behold, the nurse told him to quickly snap a photo—this wasn’t anything to worry about.

When Rachael Burrow, of Buffalo, gave birth to her second child, Annabelle, via C-section on Feb. 21, her husband was worried, she relayed to Love What Matters.

“When I first saw the bubble I was just confused. This didn’t look anything like our son did 17 months earlier,” her husband said. “Then I made out her face and got scared for a moment. I thought, ‘This isn’t right! I’ve never seen this.’ I immediately looked at the nurse for reassurance.”

Surprisingly, the nurse told him that this is a moment that he should not miss.

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“She said, ‘Quick take a picture, you don’t want to miss this.’ The lack of worry in her expression leveled me out, and without even knowing what I was looking at, I snapped some shots. I didn’t know it was going to be a 1 in 80,000 moment,” her husband recalled.

The couple was surprised to know that their child was “born with the caul,” which “means a baby or a child is born with a portion of the amniotic sac or membrane remaining on the head,” Burrow said.

The photographer and blogger mom also posted her story and photos of the rare occurrence on her Instagram account, which soon received tons of responses.

“This is amazing! I so badly want one of my babies to be born in their caul,” one woman commented.

There were also others who shared that they or their relatives were born in the same way.

“This is so amazing, I was too born in caul, my mom always told me as I was growing up!” one user wrote.

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Another added, “My Grandmother was born with 2 aminotic Saks [sic] covering her. She was born 2/2/22.”

“My 13 year old daughter was born naturally in the sac, and the midwives were in awe back then … Just to confirm Maisie is a very special child growing up.. Gifted + talented.. so 1 in 80000 is very special,” a mom wrote.

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To be 1 in 80,000—it’s no wonder that these babies should feel very special while growing up!

Watch the video below:

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