Screams emit from McDonald’s bathroom—when lady hears what’s unfolding, she rushes over to help

It was supposed to be a relaxing Saturday morning for a mother and daughter as they enjoyed breakfast at McDonald’s. But a piercing scream interrupted them. When the daughter heard what happened, she went running to the bathroom.

In December 2016, Nancy Jones, a cashier at a McDonald’s store in Sarasota, Florida, was on a break having breakfast with her daughter, April, when they heard a cry for help.

“We heard screaming, yelling so loud you could hear in the back of the store,” Jones told 10 News.

“I looked around and the screams were coming from the bathroom. Next thing I see her husband running to the bathroom. He said ‘She’s pregnant,’” April recalled.

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April, a licensed practical nurse, ran after the man to the bathroom. Once inside, she saw the pregnant mom, Cathy Jordan, was about to give birth.

They got Jordan on the floor after laying out a few jackets for her.

“I put on gloves. She was dilating really fast … baby’s head is popped out, now the cord is around the baby’s neck,” April recounted. “As soon as I get the baby turned she pushed out one more time. He’s out in my hands, blue as your shirt … Next thing she pushes again, here’s the afterbirth, placenta, cord, everything.”

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But the happy moment was short-lived when they realized that the baby wasn’t breathing.

“The baby is gasping for air like a fish out of water. …this baby is still blue,” April recalled.

Fortunately, the paramedics arrived to give oxygen to the baby before taking him to the ambulance.

“At this time the mother is screaming ‘Don’t let my baby die, don’t let my baby die. Is he dead? Please don’t let my baby die,’” April said.

April then went to check on the baby and received good news.

“I go to the ambulance because I know that’s where they have the baby. The paramedic opens the door, gives me the thumbs-up. He’s breathing and his eyes are open. It was like one of my kids was born—that amazing,” she said.

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Seeing April helping to deliver the baby, Jones said, “I’m so extremely proud of my daughter (April), that’s my one and only … so proud of her.”

“I was put there at that location at that time by God to bring this baby into the world. His mom’s got a really good Christmas gift there,” April said.

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Jones’s husband, Sean, told 10 News in another interview how he felt after his baby was confirmed to be okay.

“I had oxygen on the baby’s face, and he gave a gulp of air … Best sound of my life,” he said. “To be sitting there, thinking going to lose your child and to hear the baby breath … the best feeling … changed my life.”

McDonald’s employees later gifted blankets and booties to the couple’s baby.

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