Stuttering son orders food at restaurant—before leaving, mom gets unexpected note from waiter

Good customer service is expected of a server, but when one goes above and beyond, it’s a memorable experience. A waiter in Texas who served a mom and her three children noticed that one of her children had a stutter. What was interesting about this encounter is that he had something in common with the young boy, and he penned his mom a touching note before they left.

In February 2016, a mom took her three children to Stone Werks restaurant in San Antonio for an early dinner and personally experienced the kindness displayed by one of the servers there. She later shared her experience on Facebook, which was shared by Love What Matters.

“We were greeted by a kind young man who took our order and had patience with my 11-year-old who sometimes stutters when ordering or talking to new people,” the mom, B. Hanna, wrote.

After the waiter, named Ian, had left, her son smiled and asked his mom if she had noticed anything in particular about their waiter. But, she didn’t notice anything with their waiter.

“Mom, did you hear our waiter? He stutters also,” her son told her.

“I did not even notice,” Hanna wrote.

The dinner at the restaurant went smoothly. When the mom and her three kids were leaving, one of the staff members passed Hanna a note, telling her that it was from their waiter, Ian. “What happened when we left touched this mamas heart,” she wrote.

The note read: “Sudden emotion came over me when I heard your son stutter. I myself stutter and developed it around his age. I know how hard it can be in the beginning. I had a lot of questions that I didn’t ask because I was too afraid. If you or him have any questions, I would be honored to help make this process easier.”

What a touching display of kindness from Ian.

Ian even left his contact details for Hanna to contact him if she wants to—which she expressed she’d be doing.

“Please know I will be calling. You have shown my son that he is not alone. I am forever grateful for your kindness,” Hanna wrote.

The Facebook post soon went viral with many Facebook users giving heaps of praise to Ian for his actions.

“What a sweet moment of humanity and tenderness! I am SO proud of you Ian!!! What an impact you made on this young man’s life!” one user wrote.

“That is truly awesome!” another wrote. “What an asset to Stonewerks! That made my heart smile and brought happy tears to my eyes! Many good blessings to you Ian!!”

“That was a beautiful story of compassion and kindness. As I sit here and cry while reading, people need to understand that this world is cruel enough and people need to have a little more heart like Ian,” another user added.

A little kindness definitely goes a long way!

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