Adopted kitten meows night & day—when owner learns the sad reason why, she returns to shelter

It’s always handy to have a sister or brother when on life’s journey. We’re sure the cute feline siblings you’re about to see would agree with that.

A stray ginger kitten, Ares, and his gray tabby sister, Aphrodite, arrived at the doorstep of the Wisconsin Humane Society (Door County Campus) just days before New Year’s Eve in 2017.

Luckily, the kitty siblings didn’t remain in the shelter for long.

Weeks later on Jan. 18, animal lover Alana Hadley, of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, visited Wisconsin Humane Society’s Door County Campus, and saw Ares.

“He looks exactly like my cat that passed away,” Hadley told Love Meow.

Instantly, she fell in love with the ginger tabby, and decided to bring him home.

Hadley was keen to adopt Aphrodite too, but she was told the cat was pending adoption.

Hadley took Ares home, reluctantly leaving Aphrodite behind.

Strangely, Ares started behaving strangely on the first night in his new home. He kept meowing non-stop till he fell asleep. When he awoke, he began meowing again.

“I originally thought he was meowing because he wanted attention and to be by us,” Hadley told The Dodo.

Hadley tried comforting Ares by giving him stuffed animals; however, he just would not stop crying.

©Facebook | Door County Campus – Wisconsin Humane Society

Realizing Ares might be crying over his sister, Hadley sent Wisconsin Humane Society a message.

“Ares is doing pretty good besides being needy,” she wrote. “We think he misses his sister and is grieving being taken away from her so we got him stuffed animals to try to help him cope.”

As luck would have it, the very next day, Hadley received some good news—the adoption plan for Aphrodite fell through, and she was able to pick up the gray tabby from the shelter.

So, Hadley happily brought Aphrodite home to be reunited with Ares.

And sure enough, Ares stopped meowing ever since, and the two siblings “wouldn’t stop playing.”

©Facebook | Door County Campus – Wisconsin Humane Society

Now, Aphrodite and Ares spend their days chasing each other in the room, and snuggling together while they sleep.

“Even if they can see each other they don’t like not being right next to each other,” Hadley said.

“They are very attention-seeking cats and loving!” Hadley added. “They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them.”

Now the two adorable kitties can enjoy each other’s company and live happily ever after. Reunited at last!

Sources: Love MeowThe Dodo.

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