Dog immediately reacts upon hearing sharp cries, owner soon finds out what she’s protecting

A former shelter dog’s maternal instincts kicked in when she heard the cries of three little kittens. What the dog did for the three stray felines was pretty sweet. From this endearing incident, the dog’s owner came to understand why she was named Momma previously.

One day in 2017, at around 6:15 p.m., one woman showed up at the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) with an urgent request—she wanted the organization to keep the three 1-week-old kittens she had found.

The woman had cared for the kittens for two days, but she wasn’t able to do so anymore.

That’s when Lauren Gaddis, adoption manager for the AHS, stepped in to help.

“Because it was so late in the evening, we were unable to find a foster to take them, so my husband and I decided we would take care of them for the night,” Gaddis told PEOPLE.

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Gaddis brought the three cute little kittens home and put them on a warm bed.

She tried separating the felines from her other pets; however, her rescue dog couldn’t seem to ignore these orphaned animals.

Mika, a dog Gaddis adopted from the shelter last March, was alarmed when she heard the kittens cry.

“We let Mika smell them,” Gaddis said.

Then, Mika jumped in to care for the homeless kitties.

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Mika sat by the kittens’ side and guarded them from the rest of the pets. She kept a watchful eye on them throughout the night, making sure they were doing alright.

And like a mama, Mika constantly licked the babies to keep them clean.

“She continued to lick them, roll them over and clean them and guard them throughout the rest of the night. It was so amazing and sweet,” Gaddis added.

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Seeing Mika’s strong motherly instincts, Gaddis finally figured out why she was named Momma previously.

“It gave us insight to her life before us when she had been a mama dog,” Gaddis said.

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Thanks to Mika’s tender loving care, the kittens—Catherine, Heather, and Tommy—were fine. The caring canine mothered the babies until Gaddis could find a permanent foster home for them.

“Without foster parents and without people willing to step up and care for the kittens and puppies who come into our shelter, these little ones wouldn’t have a chance,” said Christina Hill, AHS director of Marketing and Communications.

“All shelters are in need of foster parents willing to save lives, but we’re also always in need for baby supplies like formula, bottles, blankets and toys,” Hill continued.

It’s unknown whether Catherine, Heather, and Tommy found their new forever homes eventually. However, even if they haven’t found one yet, we believe they’d remain safe under the care of Mika and Gaddis!

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Source: PEOPLE.

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