Dog’s rare disease makes it impossible to eat—but then, owners come up with a brilliant idea

A special-needs dog in Nevada has had a very special chair made for her, for she needs it to ingest food and water. The chair was “made with love” by her owners, and the dog soon adjusted to her new eating routine. By the way, this is no daft dog—she learned to sit like this in a jiffy.

Last summer, Doug and Grace Jones, of Dayton, thought their dog, Daisy, was having respiratory problems and brought her for a medical check. Daisy turns 10 in July, but was sadly diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease, which could likely lead to megaesophagus, a condition that will put the dog in a “Bailey chair.”

Bailey chairs are used for dogs that have developed megaesophagus, a condition that stiffens the esophagus and makes it hard for them to swallow food down. The dog will need to sit in the chair each time she needs to eat or drink.

Doug and his son, Brian, decided to build one for Daisy.

Though Grace told TODAY that the chair was “made with love,” the family didn’t know if Daisy would accept it.

Fortunately, Daisy only needed a few weeks to adjust, and soon, she happily got into the chair by herself and pulled the tray down to have her food served.

“We laughed in awe because she’s so smart,” Grace said. “Surprised she got in the chair by herself, but even more so that she pulled down the tray and was ready to eat.”

©Facebook | Grace Jones

Despite Daisy’s diagnosis, the couple, who enjoy hiking and swimming, still continue with their outdoor activities, but make some adjustments for Daisy.

For example, the family will bring the chair along if they are camping overnight, or have her lean against a log before giving her water to drink while hiking.

“She just stands up with her front paws on the log or rock and her back feet on the ground,” Grace said. “We just try to work around her disability.”

©Facebook | Grace Jones

And the family feels lucky that they still have Daisy around despite her condition.

“We have been able to manage the illness and still enjoy having Daisy with us,” Grace said. “We love her very much.”

©Facebook | Grace Jones

Watch Daisy get into her Bailey chair during mealtime:

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