It looks like any other kitty until you see its face—he was the most impressive of the litter

Meet Narnia De La Grace, a special British shorthair cat. He is a “real small miracle,” and the crème de la crème in the cat world—all because of his distinctive face.

In addition to Narnia’s beautiful pair of blue eyes, his most unique feature is his perfectly divided black-and-gray face—Narnia is undeniably charming.

When Narnia came to this world on May 28, 2017, he was the most impressive kitten of his litter.

Cat lover Stephanie Jimenez was drawn to Narnia’s half-half appearance instantly. She calls the feline “a real small miracle,” reported.

 “Narnia has this special marking and blue eyes. That’s why he is absolutely unique in the world,” said Jimenez, according to MailOnline.

And since then, Narnia has been living with Jimenez … and some other cats in a humble abode in France.


Here’s another adorable picture of Narnia when he was a kitten.

Thanks to his exceptionally stunning markings, he’s the crème de la crème in the cat world.

His fame spread through France, and beyond, after animal photographer Jean-Michael Labat captured photos of the handsome feline and posted them online.

You may wonder why Narnia was born with a two-toned face?

As a matter of fact, he is not the first two-faced cat. There are others, such as Venus and Quimera.

These rare “double-faced” phenomena, known as chimeras, develop when two embryos merge together, resulting in two different types of DNA.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Narnia is incredible to behold. The color contrasts of his fur are absolutely gorgeous.

Are you curious to see Narnia’s cheeky face?

Speaking of Narnia, Jimenez shared, “He is a little bit shy when he is in a new place, but a very soft and friendly cat.”

“He doesn’t know he is so special, but I have a very strong link with him, he is my little baby,” she added.

©YouTube Screenshot | Amazing Narnia

You may have wondered if Narnia is actually female, not male, due to the name. Well, Jimenez responded to a comment on Facebook referring to Narnia as a “she,” and confirmed that Narnia is indeed male.

Want to see more of Narnia? Check out his dedicated Instagram page, The Amazing Narnia, for his latest updates.

Watch the video:

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