Man builds a tiny house for pregnant dog—days later, he can’t believe what is next to the pups

Isn’t it such a fantastic feeling when someone does a good deed and it not only helps the intended person, people, or even animal—but others too? Well, that’s exactly what happened here, and this endearing account ends on such a warm, fuzzy note.

A kind man built a small doghouse for a stray, homeless dog that had just given birth on Sept. 1, 2017.

He constructed the shelter in the hopes of protecting the dog and her puppies during rainy days. He also put a blanket inside to keep them warm.

©YouTube Screenshot | The Dodo

He placed the doghouse against a building, and left.

Sometime later, the man returned to check on the dog, which had given birth by this stage. What he found inside was such a delightful surprise!

©YouTube Screenshot | The Dodo

The man saw that the dog wasn’t alone with her three puppies. A stray gray cat and her four newborn kittens were resting inside the doghouse as well.

He certainly didn’t envision the doghouse he set up would become home for some other creatures too.

©YouTube Screenshot | The Dodo

Apparently, on Sept. 7, the stray cat made her way to the cozy doghouse when it was time to give birth. Seeing the cat in labor, instead of chasing her away, the dog that had recently settled inside generously welcomed her in.

And from that day onward, the canine and feline families lived under the same roof, keeping each other warm.

©YouTube Screenshot | The Dodo

Astonished by his discovery, the man proceeded to film this heartwarming sight.

“How cool. People gonna think I’m lying,” the man was heard saying in the YouTube video, uploaded by The Dodo.

Both moms, canine and feline, looked warm and comfortable snuggling up in the doghouse together while caring for their babies. It’s such an endearing sight.

“Where are the kitties? I can’t really film it,” the man said.

“It’s incredible to see. But look … it’s like a maternity ward in here.”

©YouTube Screenshot | The Dodo

“Awwwww, this is the sweetest thing. So special how the cat and dog kept themselves and their children safe and cozy by huddling up in a shelter together. Made my day for sure!” one YouTuber commented.

“One mother helping out another in her time of need. Let’s hope their friendship last,” wrote another.

One user wrote that “…this has got to be one of the most precious stories/videos i have seen in a while. Just lovely and my 6 adopted kittens(now cats)agree.”

So, how’d that make you feel to see such a full house so full of love?

Watch these unlikely furry friends sharing the tiny doghouse in the video below:

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