10+ photos of tempting fake & cheap products that you end up buying—but this time look closer

It is that time of the year when the market is literally “dumped” with fake and cheap products in the name of much-awaited holidays and festivals that are around the corner. Here is a photo collection of a few selected products that look absolutely tempting from the outside, but what if you crack them open…

Needless to say, many of these products that land in the international market often carry the label of “Made in China.” These products wear out long before they near their much-claimed “expiry dates,” if they have any. However, their price tag and on-shelf appeal is so attractive that we end up being lured to buy them, even when we know they won’t last long. Below are 10 photos of such fake products from China.

#1. This teddy is cute, but if you remove its sweater … it has no torso but only fake arms. Sadly, it can’t give that much-needed hug.

#2. A child’s toy pony … it looks lovely until you open it. Hope that “ponytail” won’t scare the tiny tots.

#3. In case you thought you got a nice leather wallet at a cheap rate … well, those hidden toothpaste boxes as a lining aren’t any “free gifts”!

#4. A pretty-looking toy figurine that looks good on the outside until one sees how she was made.

#5. The genius calculator that expects you to believe 2 + 2 = 5.

Well, there is an even darker side to this shopping tale, as “Made in China” may mean illegal slave labor. Often, these products come straight out of forced-labor camps, where prisoners (not always criminals, but also innocent prisoners of faith and minority religions) are made to work for long, continuous hours in horrific conditions.

Thousands of innocent prisoners of faith—practitioners of Falun Gong meditation system, Christians, Buddhists, Uighurs, Tibetans—have been arrested and illegally detained in forced-labor camps, where they are treated inhumanely. Many are forced to produce cheap products under the most filthy and desperate conditions. Check the last five products below.

#6.  Crivit brand girls’ ski jacket and boys’ ski jackets and snowmen manufactured in the Shenyang prison, China

#7. The sharp and solid knife’s “butter test”—watch out for your fingers.

#8. A great punching bag for your hard boxing skills, but it’s all rubbish once it’s torn apart after a few punches!

#9. The calculator without a number 1, with two 5’s, two 6’s, two decimal points, no equals button, and no cancel entry button… Does this make it eligible for being an “exclusive item”?

#10. Gutter oil: Some Chinese companies are involved in making illicit cooking oil using sources like sewer drains and slaughter houses.

However, this is not the end. When these Chinese companies dump their cheap products in the international market, they are in fact undermining the stability of the global trade market.

Maybe consumers across the world should consider boycotting these products, so as to avoid funding this fake business, which is actually rooted in the slave labor but ultimately reaps an ordinary man’s hard-earned money.