Abused pup left to die with her snout tied by rubber band—after rescue finds a loving new home


A severely abused dog was found stuffed in a cardboard box in Prince George, British Columbia. Fortunately, a kindhearted woman found the pup and saved her life. 

This 3-month-old Yorkie-Poo puppy was abandoned in a cardboard box behind a store in the bitterly cold Canadian weather, when the temperature was an icy 35 degrees Celsius below zero (-31 degrees Fahrenheit), reported Animal Advocates Society of British Columbia.

Shawna Thrift, the woman who discovered the puppy, was heartbroken when she saw her pitiable condition—apart from freezing to death, the pup’s snout was tightly closed with a rubber band. The rubber band had cut so deeply into the puppy’s snout it had become infected, raw, and swollen. The puppy’s lips were rotting and she was in great pain. The cruelty of the person who inflicted the pain upon the puppy seemed simply unforgivable. Shawna wasted no time and rushed the puppy to the vet.

She gave the puppy the beautiful name of “Star,” as a symbol of hope. She realized that to save the poor pup she would need additional funds, so she called on Animal Advocates Society and asked for their help. The organization agreed to pay all of the expenses. The puppy was treated for her wounds with antibiotics. She was given IV fluids and was also medically assisted for pain, shock, and trauma.

Star was kept in Animal Advocates Society’s care for weeks until she was fit to go home. Finally, Star was ready. The little pup could not contain her happiness when she saw Shawna again, because this time, she was going home for good!

Jumping for joy, Star leapt into the arms of Shawna after being released from the Advocates boarding. While wagging her little tail, Star kissed her new human owner affectionately.

Shawna gave Star the hope for a happy life filled with fun and family. Since then, Star’s muzzle has healed beautifully; however, vets say she will still need surgery to pull the upper and lower parts of her mouth together.

Now, Star has a warm and loving place to lay her head and paws. Thanks to the kindhearted Shawna and the Animal Advocates Society for giving this little Yorkie-poo a new lease on life.

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Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | AnimalAdvocates.

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