Bus driver sees lady in pain on snowy sidewalk and stops—but what she says makes her dial 911

This bus driver in Wisconsin knew she had to go above and beyond the call of her duty when she spotted a woman in desperate need of help. She stopped the bus to assist her until the paramedics arrived.

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On the Christmas Eve of 2017, Tayetta Currin, a bus driver with Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS), was driving the Gold Line when she noticed a woman on a snowy sidewalk signalling her to stop. Currin saw that the woman was crying in pain—but then the lady said something that made Currin quickly get off the driver’s seat and rush towards her, WISN reported.

“She told me she was going into labor and I just immediately got out of my chair and helped her,” Currin told WISN.

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The lady, who was unable to take even one step by herself, stood there holding her belly with one hand and used the other hand to grab the door handle. Wasting no time, Currin and two passengers helped the pregnant mom board the bus. Luckily, the bus was not far away for the nearest hospital.

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The woman was seven months pregnant, and Currin sensed that she wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. Though the bus was close to Froedtert Hospital, she didn’t want to take the risk of driving her there, so she dialed 911.

“I thought about it, I did. But I said we can’t go. We’re going to wait. We’re going to stay right here. ‘Cause I was not too far from the hospital,” she said.

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“It was shocking,” Currin told Journal Sentinel. “I had to think quick.”

Currin, a mother of two children, did not want to cause any complications for the pregnant woman.

“I know how it is with contractions,” she said. “I just told her to stay in the seat because she was sliding off and told her the paramedics were coming right away.”

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Wauwatosa city paramedics came shortly and took the woman to a hospital. Currin did not get to take down the woman’s name.

“I hope everything is okay, and you reach out to us, and you let us know what’s going on with you and the baby,” she told WISN.

The whole incident was captured on the security camera. Later on, the MCTS shared the video on their Facebook page.

©YouTube Screenshot | ABC 7 Chicago

Well, the story didn’t end there. After the news spread around the city, a group of strangers came together to do something amazing to appreciate her kind work.

Krystal Danielle, from MAC Cosmetics in Southridge Mall, planned a makeover for Currin on Jan. 14. As her birthday was also approaching, Danielle and some local entrepreneurs also put together a small gift basket for Currin.

©Facebook | Tayetta Currin

On top of this, it turns out that the brave Currin hadn’t helped someone for the first time; a year ago, she helped a middle-aged woman, who flagged down the bus after she was shot during a robbery.

©Facebook | Tayetta Currin

“You have got to be ready for whatever happens. You have to be patient, watchful and mindful and have good judgment,” she said.

This Gold Line driver proved that she has a heart of gold.

Watch the video below:

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