Lady thinks she rescued a gray mouse—but after growing up, he turns out to be something else

The inspiration behind the children’s picture book “Bruce Finds A Home” is an abandoned kitten that looked like a gray mouse at birth. But as time went by, his fur color changed from gray to black, leaving many people amazed.

It was a cold night on Nov. 3, 2015, when Kathryn van Beek spotted a tiny gray ball of fluff, looking like a mouse, crawling helplessly along a wet footpath on the streets of Kingsland, Auckland. All alone by himself, the poor creature was actually a male kitten that was as small and gray as a mouse.

Clearly, he was a newborn kitten—his eyes were closed and his umbilical cord was still attached, reported Catster. But, his mother was nowhere to be seen. Kathryn picked up the rain-drenched kitten and went knocking at the doors of her neighbors to find his owner.

Nobody knew where the kitten came from, so Kathryn took him home and named him Bruce. She kept Bruce warm and bottle-fed around the clock.

“My boss let me work from home a couple of days a week so I could look after him,” Kathryn said at the launch of the Kickstarter for Bruce’s book, Bruce Finds A Home,  at Startup Space Dunedin.

With lots of love and care from Kathryn, the fragile kitten gradually regained his strength. A few days later, Bruce opened his beautiful blue eyes, and he looked absolutely adorable.

However, as Bruce grew bigger and bigger, “strange” dark spots started to appear on his paws and face.

With the passage of time, amazingly, his gray fur got darker and darker, and eventually, it became all black! Even the color of his eyes also changed from blue to green.

As time went by, Bruce grew up to become a handsome black cat. He’s totally unrecognizable from the tiny gray fluff he used to be!

Are you amazed by Bruce’s magical transformation?

According to Bruce the cat blog, the change in his fur color was due to a phenomenon known as “fever coat.” It occurs when the mother cat gets stressed or sick during the pregnancy.

What about his eyes’ color?

As per VetInfo, kittens are typically born with blue eyes because they have yet to develop the color pigmentation that is required for their true eye color. Usually, the kitten’s eyes change from blue to a permanent color when it is 3 months old.

As Bruce’s story was brought to light, he became an internet sensation, garnering over 38,000 fans on Facebook. You can check out Bruce’s latest adventure on social media!

Watch Bruce’s amazing transformation in the video below:

Photo Credit: Facebook | Bruce The Kitten.

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