Baseball player and teacher couple, MARRIED 75 years, will make you believe in TRUE LOVE

Romeo and Juliet’s four-day love story pales in comparison to the eternal love between William Fullwood and Willie Mae. Happily married for 75 years and running, theirs is a love story that has stood the test of time.

If you had any reservations towards marriage as an institution, the journey of Fullwood and Mae is sure to kindle hope within your heart.

Theirs is a love story of perseverance and patience, especially for Fullwood, who had to exhaust the extent of his courting skills ‘till Mae finally agreed to his proposal!

Their romantic tango went something like this:

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The couple met in Dublin, Georgia. She was a devout Christian and a teacher in a single-room school, and he was a strapping young baseball player. The courting began, but Fullwood didn’t have it easy. His first proposal was rejected mainly on account of the three-year age gap between the two.

“I remember, I think, when I first asked her to marry me she told me, she said, ‘I’m too much older than you,’” William told the COURIER POST.

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But when you know you’ve found your soulmate, you seldom give up so easily. Pledging his undying love, he continued to court Mae ‘till she finally gave in to his boyish charm.

In the year 1934, the two finally tied the knot. After this, they traveled together in search of work. Fullwood moved to Florida to work in military bases, after which he finally settled down with Mae in New Jersey.

Almost inseparable since then, the two of them went on to have eight children, twenty-three grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren!

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As they grew older, they were troubled by the ailments of old age. Mae’s legs were getting weaker, and she was having trouble walking. Eventually, she was admitted to the Mount Laurel Center for Rehabilitation in New Jersey.

William drove back and forth constantly to supervise the condition of his wife until he was convinced by his children to stay in the center.

Now aged 98 and 101, the couple have been married for 75 years. They still live at the center and don’t need anything other than the loving company of each other.

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It gladdens their son, Earnest Fullwood (aged 58 years), to see his parents like this.

“They are truly in love. They don’t ever have a bad thing, and they are always cheerful and never cranky or moody,” Earnest said. “They say they are blessed to wake up each morning. My parents are the sweetest couple you ever want to see.”

The medical staff at the rehabilitation center are very fond of the pair, and even organize birthday parties for the two, inviting friends and relatives to join.

In what seems to be an astonishing case of true love, William Fullwood and Will Mae have indeed stuck with each other “in sickness and in health.”