TODAY show host tears up on telling couple the news they’ve been awaiting—‘are you serious?’

A married couple who wanted kids but couldn’t conceive have found pure joy in adopting a baby girl. The two never imagined that they’d one day adopt, but life is full of surprises. Whilst being unable to conceive kids of your own may be considered misfortunate, this couple learned that out of misfortune, one can meet with beautiful blessings.

Stacy and Frank Parrado got married in their 20s. They were quite happy living out their days with each other, and weren’t in a hurry to start a family, though they did expect to start one later down the track.

Finally, the time came. The couple had decided on starting a family, but Stacy couldn’t conceive. A checkup soon revealed the reason—Frank was infertile, which resulted from the chemotherapy he had at 6 years of age to treat his cancer.

“We have a really strong relationship and so we knew that it was just going to take some time for us to get past that,” Stacy told TODAY. “And it’s almost like we feel like a loss in some way when they tell you can’t do something that you wanted to do.”

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Being that they wanted kids but couldn’t have one of their own, they decided to adopt. Adopting a baby wasn’t as quick as they’d hoped. After waiting half a year to be approved, they had already waited an additional two years on the adoption list, but had yet to be matched to any baby.

The couple remained optimistic about it all.

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“We know that it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen when it’s meant for us,” Stacy recalled.

The couple didn’t realize that when they were being interviewed by TODAY show host Hoda Kotb, they were about to hear the good news they had been awaiting for so long.

“Well, I think the day is today,” announced Kotb.

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The couple’s facial reactions and heavier breathing said more than any words could on how they felt about the surprise announcement.

A baby girl was matched to Stacy and Frank.

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“I am so happy for you,” added Kotb, getting a little teary herself.

What an emotional moment!

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The following week, the ecstatic couple who had waited so long finally met their baby daughter, named Addison Emily.

“She’s beautiful,” Stacy whispers to her husband.

“We just pray that she has a life full of happiness and good health,” said Frank. We’re going to shower her with a lot of love around here.”

Watch the video below:

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