18 of the 21 people in this family are dwarfs—but, they don’t let negative comments get them down

Fifty-two-year-old Ram Raj Chauhan’s father once told him not to feel bad about his height, even though people may laugh at him. They believe that “this is the dwarf incarnation of the Lord.”

Ram Raj and nine of his surviving family members suffer from a genetic condition called achondroplasia. This condition causes short-limbed dwarfism. His family once consisted of 21 people, of which 18 of them are affected by the condition.

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Due to their condition, they cannot travel very far as they’re unable to walk properly—as a result, they have to stay near their home. Whenever they go out of the house, people start asking them questions like “why are they so short” and “where were they from?” People young and old have teased Ram Raj and his family, but they have got used to it and remain unaffected by people’s hurtful words.

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However, the hardest thing for Ram Raj is that nobody is willing to give him a job. He now works at a relative’s shop and also as a marriage welcomer to welcome guests to weddings.

What about his family’s employment, you may wonder—watch the video to learn how Ram Raj and his family remains positive despite the challenges they face.