4 Pressure Points to Help You Stay Awake

Ever had those days when you’re so tired and sleepy you can’t do anything throughout the day except drool and day dream? How about try out this ancient Chinese pressure point massage method which can keep you awake naturally and effectively!

Pressure point 1

Hold out your arm, starting from the middle of your wrist and measure 3 fingers down

Locate the pressure point under the 3rd finger, massage the area with your thumb for 2-3 minutes. Massaging this area can reduce fatigue, dizziness and heartaches.


Pressure point 2

Start from the back of your ears and measure 1 inch down to locate the pressure point.

Press both thumbs against the hollow spots and massage for 2-3 minutes. Massaging these two points enhances the blood circulation around the head area and improves sleep.

Feeling revived, energized and ready to tackle the world!

For more pressure points and detailed directions, check out our full video below:

These healthy pressure points are great for stimulating your body to boost productivity, and also helps to cure headaches, dizziness and even heart problems.

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