5 hilarious adult dogs that refuse to grow up—when you see #2, you’ll hope he stays a puppy

For many pet parents, dogs are just fluffy babies who will never grow up. And these puppies who love to be carried by their owners seem determined to prove that theory true!

They’ll use all kinds of excuses to get their favorite people to pick them up. And once on their lap, they simply refuse to get down!

The first dog in the video has strong opinions about how grown up he is. He likes to sit on his human’s lap with his paws around the man’s neck. But if you try teasing him about being a baby, he’ll throw his head back and howl in protest!

The next one needs to be carried up an escalator. With his head firmly tucked into his human’s shoulder, the huge fluffy dog clings on as they ride up to the floor above.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | ViralHog

Another canine doesn’t want to stop playing fetch, so his owner has to pull him up the stairs of their deck one step at a time. But this dog is an expert at tantrums, and defeats his owner just by staying limp in her grasp. Finally, she has to laugh and give up.

The last two are cuddlebugs! One loves to be cradled in her favorite person’s arms. So, he dances throughout the apartment, singing her songs, and rocking her like a baby.

The other one likes to snuggle next to her sleeping friend. No amount of persuasion will move her from her spot on the sofa. It’s comfy and warm beside her human, and she’s determined to stay right there.

So, the more they try to get her to move, the more obstinate she becomes. When they try to grab her and pick her up, she starts shifting her body closer to her sleepy friend, until she’s almost lying on top of him.

And somehow he stays asleep through it all!