9 cute baby and toddler reactions—bet you will be smiling at their innocence in no time!

Do you often find yourself laughing at babies’ priceless reactions? We are sure this series of clips will make you smile in no time.

In the first video clip, this 5-month-old baby sits happily in the tub.

Suddenly, she decides to surprise her parents by sitting up on her own!

What an adorable face she gives.

Babies are new to the things in the world and anything or everything can get them excited.

When this baby sees her mom holding a handheld fan in front of her, which displays different rays of lights, she gets so excited!

Just look at how she stares at the fan with her eyes wide open in amazement—absolutely priceless!

The baby girl here is enjoying a nice tickling moment.

However, the moment she’s pushed to an upright position, the face she gives to show her displeasure is hilarious!

What is this toddler doing with his hands covering his face?

It turns out that he’s just made an attempt to toss a red ball into the basketball net but missed.

Perhaps he can’t quite grapple with the embarrassment, or is he feeling a little frustrated? Oh, it’s okay sonny!

Be sure to watch the rest of the video for more cute baby and toddler reactions.

Video Credit: Facebook | NTD Funniest.