A strange ‘nurse’ pushes a man in wheelchair. But on closer inspection—you’ll be astounded

Warning: This fascinating clip is unbearably adorable, and definitely not something you’ll see on the streets of Moscow! 

In 2017, Oleg Aleksandrov, an animal trainer from the Great Moscow Circus, suffered a tragic mishap after falling from a height of 18 meters (approx. 60 feet) while fitting equipment at the top of a circus dome in Nizhny Novgorod, reported RT’s Ruptly video agency.

As a result, he broke both of his legs and an arm. At that time, he was taking care of three little bear cubs.

“They were tiny back then and we bought up all the children’s food in the shops because that’s what they ate. We fed them from a bottle and raised them since then,” Aleksandrov told Ruptly.

Stuck in the hospital for four months, Aleksandrov was worried his relationship with his “hairy children” would change.

“I used to imagine whether or not they would accept me back. There could be a distance between us,” he said.

But Aleksandrov’s worries were unfounded. The moment they reunited, the bears instantly recognized their beloved caretaker after some “sniffing.”

“Bears have very poor eyesight. I approached them and stretched out my hand and they sniffed it for a long time. They probably recognized me by my scent and could tell what had happened to me. They of course accepted this scent as one of their own,” he said.

Not only did the bears accept Aleksandrov, they also helped him get around by pushing his wheelchair!

Watch the adorable moment when the real-life “teddy bear” nurse, Yasha, pushes Aleksandrov’s wheelchair.

Video credit: Ruptly.