After being abandoned, this dog became pregnant—but you won’t believe where rescuers find her

When domesticated animals like cats and dogs are left to fend for themselves on the streets, they often live in heartbreaking and dangerous environments just to find a bit of shelter.

That was the case for this dog and her small pup, who had found a trash can to call home when they realized they didn’t have a warm bed to return to. Their owners had sold their home and left the mother behind, leaving her unable to get back into the house and without food or water, to boot.

Not long after she was abandoned, the mother had a litter of puppies, but local children had stolen all but one of her babies; now, she was living in the trash can with her one remaining baby trying to survive together.

Luckily, a concerned neighbor called Southern California animal rescue shelter Hope For Paws—who knew this was a case they couldn’t turn down.

After arriving on the scene, the shelter workers tried to coax the mom out of the trash can using pieces of food, but it wasn’t easy.

The two dogs were starving and badly wanted the food, but were also now incredibly distrustful of humans after the harrowing ordeal they’d been through.

It would ultimately take half an hour to get the pair out of the trash can and ready to leave, but their story didn’t end there; after being given the names Zoe and Meadow, they received plenty of love and care—and now, you’ll barely recognize them!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Hope For Paws