Ambulance picks up homeless man having a seizure—but watch closely as his ‘best friend’ follows

After a homeless man suffers and epileptic seizure in the streets of Taguatinga, Brazil, first responders are stunned and amazed by the scene that unfolds during a routine call.

Passersby reported the that the man had fallen ill, and first responders showed up to discover the man collapsed, with his loyal little dog by his side.

They move the man into the ambulance and begin a long journey across the city to the hospital.

To the paramedics’ complete surprise, though, the dog was chasing the ambulance and managing to keep pace with vehicle, so determined was it to stay by its owner’s side.

Viewers can watch the small scrappy dog determined not to lose sight of its owner, for who knows where it might end up without its caregiver and only friend!

The paramedics film the canine’s journey for some time and finally just pull over and welcome the determined dog into the ambulance to join its beloved owner.

Watch to the very end. The dog can be seen taking up a post at the foot of his owner’s hospital stretcher.

The video, courtesy of Otman Rebel, has been viewed over 300 thousand times to date on YouTube. When the incident first surfaced in 2014, it made international news.

Dogs are frequently referred to as “man’s best friend,” and it appears they garnered such a noble title for good reason. This devoted canine clearly demonstrates why!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Otman Rebel