An unlikely duo, dog & duck, somehow became best friends and are now inseparable

Before Rudy the duck and Barclay the golden retriever became best friends, it was Rudy’s job to keep Barclay from going into the duck coop to eat the ducks’ food. The duck would chase out the dog, using his beak to peck at the intruder. However, one day, Barclay stopped running away. The two then got to know one another and soon became the best of buds. The pets’ owner, Pam Ishiguro, from Orange County, California, told Daily Mail that they’ve become inseparable ever since.

©Getty Images | Barcroft Media / Contributor
©Getty Images | Barcroft Media / Contributor
©Getty Images | Barcroft Media / Contributor

Rudy, Ishiguro’s first duck, takes “charge of everyone and everything.” So when Barclay snuck into the coop to steal the ducks’ food or approached any of the ducks, Rudy would chase him away.

“When Barclay tries to sniff any of the other ducks, Rudy is there to stop it. Rudy used to chase Barclay away, and for a long while, Barclay would run away,” Ishiguro explained.

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“When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other,” said the pets’ owner.

Now, no other ducks are allowed to get close to Barclay; Rudy has become the pooch’s protector. “Rudy is our official toe biter if anyone gets too close,” said the owner. “The other ducks know that Barclay is his best friend, if anyone gets too close they better watch out, Rudy will attack without warning.”

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“Rudy and Barclay need each other—I think that’s why they have such a strong bond, they’re like the oddballs on the playground. No one else will play with them, so lucky for them, they found each other,” Ishiguro explained.

This dog and duck were once rivals, but somehow, strangely enough, this pair became the best of friends—now, they’re entirely inseparable.