Divers spot 4 giants trapped in fishing net—when they get right up close, it’s stunning!

A team of divers rush to save a group of four trapped whale sharks in this visually stunning video.

It begins with a scene depicting a team of divers rushing to the site where the four whale sharks have found themselves trapped in a fishermen’s nets.

Whale sharks are gentle giants which are famous for being the largest extant fish species. The whale shark is one of three known filter feeders. As they swim, plankton, krill, among other nutrients, are caught in their gaping mouths.

The underwater footage captured is mesmerizing. Watch how this team of divers painstakingly guide each of these behemoths out from the mesh—absolutely incredible!

The footage was filmed off the coast of West Papua in the Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia. This gorgeous display of these gentle ocean giants is an experience these divers will surely never forget, and can only be indescribable—but we can get a sense of it!

This rare scene is truly a gift from the depths of the oceans.

 Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caters